Design Spotlight: Greyhound Friends Newsletter

Greyhound Friends is a non-profit organization located in Hopkinton, MA, dedicated to saving retired racing greyhounds and other hounds. Most of these dogs would have little chance for adoption or survival. The goal is to find appropriate homes for adoption to give these dogs a second chance.

Greyhound Friends has been fortunate to have many dedicated donors whose generosity has helped them keep their doors open through the years. But times have changed. Sadly, many of their generous donors have passed on; foundations that awarded grants are no longer in existence and Greyhound Friends is in desperate need of a steady income.

Get Set Marketing recently had the pleasure of working with Greyhound Friends to design and print their annual newsletter sent out to supporters and donors.

Please consider making a one time donation or becoming a Greyhound Friends Sustainer by contributing monthly. Your generous gift will provide the consistent momentum necessary to keep the dogs safe and in line for a good home.

Learn more about Greyhound Friends

Greyhound Griends design and printing by Get Set Marketing, Springfield, MA
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Website Mobilization

Website Mobilization: How to make your website mobile friendly.

If you want to get found when your audience performs a web search, it’s important that your website is mobile friendly.  Website mobilization makes a website easy to use and access on all mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets). Sites that have been mobilized will rank higher in web searches than websites that are not mobile. Get Set Marketing, located in Springfield, MA helps companies throughout Western MA and beyond to develop websites that are optimized for mobile devices. Perform your own Google search and see how your business page comes up and if it needs to be mobilized.

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